Support for the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Sudbury

Friends of the BFRT membership rolls contain 641 supporters in Sudbury alone. This map shows the proposed route of the future trail (green) and where its supporters live.

To make this map, we divided the town of Sudbury into squares 3000' on each side, and counted the number of supporters living in each square. Squares that contained two or more were marked with a dot at the center whose area is proportional to the number of supporters who live in the square (see legend in the upper left for an example of three dot sizes associated with number of supporters in a square). Squares containing exactly one supporter were not marked, due to privacy concerns.

Support for the BFRT is strong throughout Sudbury, including (especially) right along the railroad right-of-way and proposed route for the BFRT. However, this map almost certainly *understates* support for the trail, because it only shows those people who have taken the initiative to join or sign-on as supporter of the Friends of the BFRT, and because it usually (but not always) shows one supporter per household.

Sudbury Supporter Map