Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

Chelmsford - New Fence Openings will allow access to businesses

At the request of businesses, the Town of Chelmsford has agreed to install two handicapped-accessible openings in the section of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail between Old Town Hall and Chelmsford Street. One opening will be at the Subway sandwich shop on Chelmsford Street. The other opening will be at Zesty’s pizza on Fletcher Street. The openings will allow trail users to access businesses from the trail without climbing over the railings.

The Town received a bid of $5200 for this job but does not have the money to undertake the work. The Chelmsford Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee will use contributions made to the Town’s BPAC Fund for this work. The Chelmsford Disabilities Commission, Zesty’s, and Subway have contributed.

The Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail have agreed to match future donations to the Town of Chelmsford for this purpose. Will you help make businesses in Chelmsford Center more accessible from the trail, for walking, biking, and wheelchairs?

Please make checks payable to:
Town of Chelmsford
50 Billerica Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Memo: BPAC-BFRT access to businesses

Thank you for your help!!